Music transcends all barriers

Music expresses feeling and thought without language. It is beyond words, race and gender.

My grandmother is a devout Chinese-Christian. Every morning without fail she will play the same pieces of music she has been playing for years on the piano from an old leather-bound book of Christian songs. Her playing is always accompanied by her own voice singing along to the songs in English, a language she certainly doesn’t understand.

When she plays, I know that she has faith in her Christianity. Recently her fingers have started to stumble on the keys, but the emotions in her playing and her soft voice are still the same. I’m not religious, but I can hear and feel the praise for her God.

My grandmother is only one example of how music speaks on a different level, accessible to all. I don’t need a translator to feel happy, sad or angry when I listen to a song.

There is something deep inside of all of us that resonates in tune to music. Music can unite people.


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